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October 5, 2004
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He holds my life in his hands by DragonsLust He holds my life in his hands by DragonsLust
"Tell me now! Why do you stay with him?!"

"Because he holds my life in his gentle hands."

"But, he's a sorcerer! Why are you willing to put your life on the life for him?!"

"... because I love him."

Okay just some dialogue that popped in my head while looking at the picture. Really has nothing to do with the story.

Anyways... yet another picture for my story "Find Me, Love Me." I swear I am soo obsessed with these two. It's Hikaji Awaishiroi (the little dude) and Ryoku Suriru (other one). They are the two main characters to the story (yes it's yaoi)

Well... hope you all like it! ^__^ Comments welcome please!!!

Ja ne!
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querulousArtisan Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2004  Student General Artist
I love the way you color! Definately +faving this one! :)
DragonsLust Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2004
Phweee thank chus!!! :hug: I feel so special! *sob* WAHHH!!! ^_^
MistressYamisAngel Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2004
Aww...such a tiny human being!!! *0* I lurf the way yew drew him like that. ^_~ Excellent!!! This story sound interesting. Is there by chance I could read it somewhere? :please: *puppy faces*. XDD...
DragonsLust Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2004
YES YES YES!!! You can read it somewhere!!! *flying tackle* I WOULD BE HONORED IF YOU READ IT!!! AIIEEE!!!!

:sprint: sorry... had lots of sugar today! AHH!! *falls over*

Anyways... if you want to read the story you can at under the penname K-chan. If you want I can send you a link to make it easier for yous. ^__^ Thanks for the comment!!!!!

Bye bye! :bye:
MistressYamisAngel Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2004
:D That'll be great!!!! *looks around* Where?!!!! XDD Yes, it'll be great and alot faster if there's a link. ^_^ So....give me give me give me!!!! ^0^ :giggle: Well, me can't wait to read them. ^^; ^_~
DragonsLust Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2004
Here chus go MYA!!!!


I really hope you like it and if you find anything wrong with it LET ME KNOW PLEASE!! *on hands and knees*

Ja ne! :bye:

*still embarrased thinking you were someone else* This is soooo sad. ;_; *bows* SORRY AGAIN!!! WAHH!!! *runs away and cries*
MistressYamisAngel Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2004
Thanks for da link. :hug: So much helpful after all the hwk/test I have to take this week. :faint: so exhausting and I'm so fried up. My head's already crack. X_X. I thought I'll die this week from all the workload. -__- But wut the heck, it's the weekend. So me feel happy ^_^ Gotta catch up with too anything and so little time.

I read the very short story of yours! Yes, you heard right. SHORT! That story was so getting good and I was so totally into it and then it suddenly has to ends just like that? When it's actually just beginging? You're putting me into suspense. *goes around crzy tearing hairs out* Women!!!! You must continue right this sec. I command yew!! XDD.... I do hope you continue cuz you're a great writer. :nod: I always enjoy reading yours. :worship: So luving it. No mistake Nadda in my eyes. So no worries. BUT CONTINUE! Btw are those character yew made up or it's base on an anime or something. Sowwie if I'm so clueless. >.<

Looking forward whenever your next installment. Okie?

Ja Matane!! :blowkiss:

DragonsLust Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2004
Hehehe... suspense is what I love to do! It's keeps people reading! But... also keeps people wanting to kill me. :sprint: EEEEE!!! DUN SPEAR MEE!!!! *holds up hands* hehehe... I'm a nut.

Chapter three is in the works as we speak and you're gonna love the character coming up. He's soo adorable! ^__^ But bad. *snicker*

The characters from the story are actually my original characters I made a few years back. I just changed them up a little bit and finally put them in the story. :Sigh: but they ish sooo happy! *glomps Kaji-kun and pets his hair* soooo purty... :drool:

Ja ne!! :bye:

p.s. ain't school a B*!ch? *sigh* oh well... GIMME YAOI!!!!! XDD!!! *falls over laughing*
MistressYamisAngel Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2004
*pounce* I'm so gonna definately hurt you for letting me wait till this hours...*looks at the time reading almost 1:30 am* 0_0 I'm not sparing you woman!!! >:) Me hunger for more :hungry: >.< Ack!!! Yes, it's a threat!!!! Mwahhahaaa :sarcasm:

Okie okie I guess it would hurt to spare yew. XDD...geez, couldn't help if I'm so impatience...How sad. XDD... :XD: But good new that you're working on them and Chap 3 already. Awesome-ness!!! Can't wait. ^_^

Ja Matane!! :bye:

PS, yes I defiantely agree with ya. School's taking away too much of my time and no time for fun anymore. D@mn school!!!! :shakefist: It I could just take it and flush it down the toilet....Wishful thinking I know but it ain't gonna happen. *sigh* ------->Bright note...It's all about they Yaoi-ness!!!! :worship:
DragonsLust Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2004
XDDDD!!! One of these days someone's going to kill me for making them wait - and I have a feeling it's going to be you - so I think I should hide. ^__^
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